FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium Details



FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium Details-

Qatar World Cup 2022 - in numbers

Total Teams: 32

Playing field: 8

Similarities: 65

Opening Match: Al Bayt Stadium

Final Match: Lucille Stadium

Average seating capacity: 47,500 seats

Largest Venue: Lucille Stadium (80,000 seats)

Lowest Venue: Multiple Venues (40,000 Seats)

Average  Number of matches per venue: 8.1

1. Lucille Stadium:

Basic information:

Club: None Opening: 2022 | Capacity: 80,000 seats

History and explanation:

The Lusail Stadium, also known as the Lusail Iconic Stadium, is a newly constructed stadium that will serve as the flagship venue for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The stadium was part of Qatar's World Cup plans as early as 2010 when the bid was first considered. Following the decision to award the World Cup to Qatar, a tender process was launched for the actual design of the stadium, but many of the designs proved unsatisfactory to the organizing committee.

In the end, the committee chose a bowl-shaped design inspired by artworks found throughout the Arab world.

Construction of the stadium began in 2017 and the stadium took four years to complete, slightly longer than planned. The official opening of the stadium is planned for 2022.

During the 2022 World Cup, Lucille Stadium will host six first-round group matches and one match in each knock-out round, including the semifinals and final.

After the World Cup, large sections of the stadium will be demolished and the smaller field will become part of a community space with shops, leisure, and sports facilities.

How to get to Lucille Stadium:

Lusail Stadium is the centerpiece of the new Lusail City development on the northern edge of Doha on the Persian Gulf coast, approximately 20 kilometers from central Doha and 9 kilometers from The Pearl.

Lucille City will be a mixed self-contained development of residences, commerce and retail expected to eventually house 200,000 residents.

The Red Metro Line connects Lusail City to central Doha and Hamad International Airport. Lucille QNB station, the end of the line, is located right next to the stadium. A tram system connects the stadium to other parts of Lucille.

Lucille Stadium

Lucille Stadium

Lucille Stadium

Lucille Stadium

Lucille Stadium


Eat, drink and sleep near Lucille Stadium:

Lusail Stadium is part of a large new development not far from the coast of the Persian Gulf called Lusail City. The area is still a large construction site but this is changing by the month as more and more buildings are being completed.

More cafes and restaurants are also expected to pop up in the area soon, but there aren't many at the moment.

There aren't many hotels in the area yet, though it may pop up soon as it's planned to become an upscale area. At the moment, there are two hotels in Lucille: Silo Hotel Lucille and Staybridge Suites. From both you can go to the stadium by tram.

Alternatively, get an (admittedly expensive) hotel near The Pearl and metro station Legtaifia. From there it is just a few metro stops to the stadium.

Of course, since Lucille Stadium is right next to the metro, any hotel in Doha that is near a metro station will make for a quick ride to the stadium.

2. Ai Bayt Stadium-Al Khor SC


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