How to eliminate varicose veins forever: a remedy that is not talked about on TV helped me

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It all started with a harmless spider vein, which manifested itself in the first trimester of pregnancy. My belly increased and with it my weight. By the way, during the whole time I gained a lot about 20 kilos. It was difficult to move. My legs ached and swollen, and closer to childbirth, they were covered with a mesh of bluish-brown veins, at least playing tic-tac-toe.


The doctor I trusted said they were varicose veins, and one in two pregnant women suffers from it. This is our female physiology. Only the ointments that she recommended almost did not help. The effect was weak. With compression stockings, the pain decreased, but not for long. The veins were also swollen.

When my Diego was born, I had to put aside my illnesses. My son was very restless, my husband was at work and I was bursting at the seams. The baby gave me no respite at all, he was always in my arms. Then he grew up, started crawling and it became even more difficult. Before you know it, he's already testing the sand in the cat litter box or trying on his daddy's shoes. I used to spend the day from one place to another and at night I could hardly move.

I couldn't sleep at night, doubled over with pain, as if my legs were being cauterized with a hot iron. And if we didn't go for a walk in the park, I couldn't fall asleep because of the feeling of guilt. What kind of mother is this... incomplete.

At that time I didn't have a single skirt in my closet, although my figure even allowed me to wear a miniskirt (I got back in shape quickly, thanks to genetics and my active son). I was terribly ashamed of my legs, which were covered in blue knots and bumps, and I hid them under my pants.

As I suspected, the clinic did not give me any good news. I stopped taking care of myself... My veins were in bad shape. The doctor recommended that I go to a hospital to have the varicose nodules removed. And after the operation, you have to wait for a miracle. Because there are no guarantees. A relapse can occur at any time.

With that perspective the world fell apart for me. You risk your health, you put yourself under the surgeon's knife and there are no guarantees.

My husband and I had a long conversation about it. In the end we decided to postpone the operation and try to find a cure. We ask for information from acquaintances. A colleague of my husband's told me that his mother had been cured by a hereditary healer. He explained to her in general terms where to find her.

We made a long trip (600 km one way), but we could not meet the healer: the old woman had already died. Since she did not have children, she shared her knowledge with a neighbor. She told us that horse chestnut, wormwood and chamomile would cure my veins.

Back home, I searched the Internet for remedies that contained these plants. And it turned out that both these and other anti-varicose agents are contained in the cream Veniselle. He asks for it. And for good reason! The old woman had not been wrong!


After only two days of use of Veniselle I felt something tickling my shins. It's hard to describe in words, as if ants were running back and forth. And at the same time the swelling has disappeared.

After a week, my legs stopped hurting, even if I put pressure on the varicose vein lump. The weight on my legs disappeared and it was much easier to walk. It was as if she was floating in the air.


The long walks in the park, which my son loves so much, were a joy for both of us. We could run until dark!


I can't say it was fast, but it helped and I got my legs back in shape. The lumps have dissolved. My veins have cleared up. The spider veins are gone and I can wear miniskirts and dresses again. It took me two months and three tubes of Veniselle.

PS: At the time of writing this post, it's been about 8 months and not a hint of varicose veins! I hope it continues like this.

I'm glad I didn't accept the operation. And you don't do it either. Why take those risks when there is such a good remedy?

Let my case serve as an example to you: you should not neglect your health. I know how unbearable the illness can be, so I wanted to share my story.


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Charity · 01.05.2024

Good afternoon Margarita, I read your story and it is comforting. The ending made me cry, I'm so happy for you, God bless you! I am going to recommend this cream to anyone who has this problem.

Vilma · 01.05.2024

I am 27 years old and I am already in the second phase of varicose veins. Phlebologists only advise surgery: they cannot cure it any other way. I would like to try this, maybe it will help me.

Marta99 · 01.05.2024

Buy the cream Veniselle and you will not regret! And buy 2 bottles at a time if you already have advanced varicose veins. I can't say it was immediate, but the varicose veins disappeared. At first, the heaviness in my legs disappeared. I've even gone back to wearing 8-10 cm heels. My legs stopped swelling. After a month, the blue vein network disappeared. And the knots and lumps on my legs disappeared in about 3 months. But they were huge. Now I recommend this cream to everyone.

Maria78 · 02.05.2024

I know what you mean. I am an event host. Before I felt uncomfortable with every movement. I took pills and made cabbage compresses. Nothing helped me. Then I found out Veniselle. At first it didn't help me. Then I realized that at my stage I should probably apply it 2 times a day and I was right! I was really encouraged! My treatment lasted a little longer, I guess it all depends on how advanced I am, but what a result:

Josefa45 · 02.05.2024

I suffer from serious varicose veins. Three years ago I had hardening in one leg. Now, after pregnancy and childbirth, the vein in the other leg is clearly visible. I understand that surgery is not the solution, but nothing the doctor recommended has helped me.

Ana P. · 02.05.2024

I have the same problem. My legs swelled terribly during pregnancy. The veins were coming out. It was my fault: I gained 27 kilos. I bought all kinds of ointments and nothing helped me.

Emiliana34 · 02.05.2024

It is of no use because you do not know what these ointments contain. There is corruption everywhere, and even more so in our region! Pharmaceutical companies pay to sell their products. But all products contain chemicals and nothing useful. The one who offers the most money sells his products the fastest. I know what I'm talking about. My mother died because of bad medications and it would have been possible to save her...

Felo88 · 03.05.2024

What are you saying? Are you blaming the pharmacy for your father's death? Sorry, but maybe you should have taken her to a good clinic. And this creamVeniselleIt really is wow! I saw the effects on my sister. Her legs now look like those of a girl. My sister is now 48 years old.

874666772 · 03.05.2024

I already received the package. I'm reading the content: everything is natural. I am going to use it later and report the results. I hope to see improvements.

Nina00 · 03.05.2024

My aunt had surgery and the knots and blood clots were cut out. She seemed fine, but then the veins came out again. After two years or so.

Sonia · 03.05.2024

I don't know, maybe the doctor was incompetent? My sister hasn't seen a single vein for seven years after the operation. If they had known about the existence of this cream earlier, perhaps they would not have had to have surgery.

Olivia Neira · 04.05.2024

I have also heard of this cream. They say it has a great effect!

Violet00 · 04.05.2024

I apply the creamVenisellethree months ago. Oddly enough, she has already gradually eliminated the bruises, bulging veins, swollen knots and lumps. Here are the before and after photos as proof:

Rosalia Navarro · 05/04/2024

Thanks girls for the comments! I'm going to order this cream right now. I can't stand my horrible leg veins anymore :( I'm afraid to have surgery. And if something goes wrong... And I have a family.

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